Minecraft Halloween Costume

It’s “BER” months once again and Halloween is fast approaching.  Are you ready to go trick or treating, or attend a costume parties, perhaps?  We have a variety of Minecraft Halloween Costumes that will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

If you are looking for unique yet affordable Minecraft costume, these Minecraft Halloween Costumes will certainly give you what you are looking for.  Made with high quality materials, you can be assured these will last for more Halloween to come.

Cardboard Masks

Measuring 12 x 12 x 12 inches, these cardboard masks are lightweight yet durable, featuring impressive design that fully resembles the main Minecraft characters’ distinct faces.  To ensure that each mask will stay on your head, a cardboard insert comes with each item.  This insert can’t just prevent the mask from wobbling around, it can also be adjusted to fit any head size – from children to adults.

Minecraft Steve Head Cardboard Mask

We know everyone loves our very own Steve (come on, who doesn’t?) so dressing up as him in any Halloween event will no doubt be a hit.  Complete with Steve’s pixelated face features,  steve minecraft costume  will really turn heads.

Minecraft Enderman Head

Opting to go on a dark side this year?  Try our Enderman Head mask for that simple, yet creepy look.  Yes, giving a good scare can be done this effortless.  Sorry, teleportation abilities don’t come with this mask.

Minecraft Creeper Head Mask

This Minecraft Creeper Head Mask lets you go green and mean.  Dress up in all green while having this cardboard mask on and pretend you are attacking someone while trying to self-explode.  Minecraft creeper costume, what a fun way to scare!

Minecraft Steve, Creeper & Enderman Head Costume Mask Set

Going on a trio?  Why not try this Steve, Creeper & Enderman Head Costume Mask Set, for you and two of your buddies. Put on a small show by pretending the Creeper and the Enderman is chasing Steve away while Steve goes back with a sword or pickaxe on hand and tries to run after the two instead. This will surely rock the party all night long.

Minecraft Hoodies

Our Minecraft Hoodies can serve two purposes: to keep you warm and to provide a great minecraft costume for Halloween that you can wear over and over again even if it’s not Halloween.  That’s one versatile apparel, don’t you think?

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Available for kids and adults, this Minecraft Creeper Hoodie features a full face zip hood with mesh material in the mouth and eyes area for comfort.  Party hard and enjoy the limelight, soon you’ll not the only one in green – your friends will turn green too – in envy of your awesome outfit, that is.

Minecraft Enderman Zip Up Hoodie

Those creepy looking big, white eyes staring back will definitely make anyone shriek with this Minecraft Enderman Zip Up Hoodie.  Sizes available for both the young and old alike.

There you have it guys and gals, make your Halloween extraordinary this year with these one of a kind Minecraft Halloween Costume designs. Available for everybody, regardless of age and gender – after all, that’s what Minecraft is all about – fun for everyone!  



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