Minecraft Papercraft

Must have Minecraft Papercraft

Paper craft is a form of art involving creation of 3D objects by cutting, folding and pasting papers. It is mostly used for decorative purposes, but as time goes by, it is also now being marketed as children’s toys.
Today, Minecraft has unveiled a new product collection for its die-hard fans: the Minecraft Papercraft. This latest product comes in different varieties: four different sets with 30-piece contents each, four 48-piece sets and, the biggest one with 90 pieces or more in its set.
The Papercraft collection is said to be released on December 2013, making it an ideal Christmas gift for any Minecraft lover.

Among the sets of these brightly printed, high quality paper packs are a few of my favorite (and best sellers, too):

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs

Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs SetEach pack consists of Pig, Ocelot, Sheep, Cow, and Chicken and a Grassy Block. Stickers are also included. Animal Mob is the cutest in the collection, and the animals featured in this set look very real to the Minecraft game. It looks as if they came out right from the video game!

Minecraft Papercraft Shelter Set

Minecraft Papercraft Shelter SetEach pack includes our main game character: Steve and a Tame Wolf, Furnace and Wooden Door, Wooden Plank, Brick, Glass and Cobblestone Blocks, Stickers and Minecraft Mortar Paper Tape. This shelter package is like a starter set if you are just starting out to collect the paper craft series because of the basic contents included.

Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set

Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe SetThis 90-piece set consists of our very own Steve in Diamond Armour, Creeper and Pig with Saddle, Grassy, Cobblestone, Leaf, Farmland, and Log Blocks, Tree and Crafting Table, Storage Block, Stickers and Minecraft Mortar Paper Tape. This whole deluxe set lets you bring Minecraft to life, as it provides the complete package you need to re-create Minecraft world.

Minecraft Papercraft Utility Pack

Minecraft Papercraft Utility PackThis utility set includes a Bed, Enchantment Table, Cauldron, Chest, Bookshelf, an easy to build Fence Post as well as Stickers. This furniture set is a great addition to match with the other Minecraft Papercraft packs.



These Minecraft Papercraft collection are the latest addition to Minecraft merchandise in the market, and is so far one of my highly recommended products that will suit all ages – from children to adult. It’s attractive and easy-to-assemble parts promises long and enjoyable playtime with everyone – young and young-at-hearts alike.